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Other Genera: (in progress) Dacnopilio Graecophalangium


In the 2½ centuries since Linnaeus first described the genus Phalangium, it has had a chequered existence. For many years it was the only genus used for the Opiliones and was also a repository for species of several other chelicerate orders (Amblypygids, Thelyphonids, Pycnogonids & Pseudoscorpions).

In 2005, Joel Hallan produced a list of all known species of Opiliones. Within the genus Phalangium he included a number of names that he listed as “unidentified”, or as belonging to other groups. Unfortunately, a number of “popular” Internet sites have used Hallan’s list, without the annotations, to produce inflated lists of “valid” species. As an example, a recent screen-capture from Wikipedia, shows a list of 35 species, only 6 of which are included in our valid species list.

The purpose of this website is to try to cut through some of this confusion. It is hoped that it will:
(a) provide a simple, reasoned explanation for the validity or otherwise of the species attributed to the genus Phalangium, and
(b) by the inclusion of all sources used in this analysis, be of real use to those working to extend our knowledge of this group.

Although every effort is made to ensure the information on this site is accurate, errors can creep in. Published research may have been missed, and new contributions to our understanding continue to be made all the time. We welcome notification of any such omissions and newly publised material, to help us keep this web site up to date. There may also be instances where opinions differ within the scientific community. Where such differences exist, we are happy to add such alternative opinions, provided that they are supported by published material.

In the preparation of this site, special thanks are due to the Omnipaper web site, through whom most of the scientific papers used were sourced.


Valid namesThe species that are currently regarded as valid
Invalid namesSpecies which are sometimes listed as valid (e.g. on Wikipedia), but which are now regarded as being either invalid or have been moved to another genus
Where are they now?An A-Z of species names that have been linked to the genus Phalangium and what has happened to these species
Currently 240 combinations
BibliographyDownload copies of the relevent pages from original journals, the basis on which we have made our decisions
Contact usOur email address
Other GeneraWe have started adding pages providing details of other genera that belong to the subfamily Phalangiinae
Very much a "work in progress"